Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lets Mix Flavors

My heart was thumping like a wild elephant in my chest, my palms were cool as my nerves jumped with girlish excitement. This date was BOUND to be different. Sure, it was a first date, but I knew this guy. Well...not really...I had seen him around. And had a major crush on him. He was super attractive--a performer, with intense eyes and a wicked smile that made me go weak in the knees.
Yep. This was gonna be a good date.
My phone bleeps. A text from Him. ...i'm here...
hmm. He couldn't even walk up to my door and get me?
Oh well, I overlook this clueless move because the minute I step outside and see his face I can't even think straight.
Yeahhh, just as cute as I remember. We shall call him Mister Smooth Pants.
The first thing I notice is that his car smells like an entire bottle of cologne broke inside on the seat. The smell is so strong and musky I almost gag, but resist as he flashes me that ten dollar smile.
"You hungry?"
I nod.
Let me just clarify...this guy asked ME out.
K, now that that's outta the way...
Onto dinner.
We go to a nice steak place. I am impressed but ask "This looks expensive, are you sure?"
He just grins and says "Of course baby." He's already calling me baby? Sure he's cute...but...nobody calls me BABY on the first date. Especially someone who has better hair than I do.
We order. I am polite and order a salad, because the menu is just too pricey for me. He orders a steak with all the fixings...
We eat and talk...and talk...and talk...about him. His bad hair days. His accolades as a performer. How he can't seem to get rid of his girl fan club.
The whole time I was interested, but amazed that he was so in love with himself he didn't even bother to ask how to pronounce my last name, he just kept pronouncing it the wrong way.
Okayyyy he's still cute. Don't judge.
The bill comes.
Without missing a beat he winks at me, "Hey, you wouldn't mind paying would you? I just realized I forgot my wallet."
UMMMMM. Whattttttt?????
Of course I choke inside but force a smile, "Sure."
Sure I'll pay for your massive steak and appetizer and dessert while all I got was a salad with maybe three croutons and watered down miserable no good...
"Baby?" He asks...I'm sure my face had gone red.
"Shall we?"
I nod sweetly and follow him out to his car.
He grins at me and winks. "I never get girls doors, it sets bad standards for when you get married."
I just nod and open my door. WHATEVER. This guy is quickly winning me all over the place.
He turns on some slow, sappy romantic music as he drives...and reaches for my hand.
I go to tug my hand away but he just holds it tighter, turns to me and starts singing..."on the wings of loooove" an off tone, monotone voice.
Mister Smooth Pants is just TOOOO smooth.
I am forced to let him hold my hand the whole way to my house because his grip his like a python. When we get there I yank it free. He smiles and pulls out two different kinds of mints.
He offers me one, "Pick one."
I narrow my eyes. "why?"
"Because it makes the kissing experience better if we have two different flavors to taste."
YUCK. Like I would EVER kiss you.
I take one and smile slyly... think you're getting a kiss...
He walks me to my door. Then he reaches for my hands and plays with my hands like we are honeymoon lovers. He acts like he is the star of the bachelor, I want to ask where the cameras are. He then gives me a look so passionate all I can do is burst into laughter.
Mister Smooth Pants looks stunned that I would be laughing at his attempt at porch-lit-romance.
"You're ruining the mood," he hisses.
I just keep laughing. "What mood?"
I turn and open my door then shut it on his mile-wide open mouth.
"Aren't we gonna kiss?" Mister Smooth Pants is wining like a puppy.
"Nope," I say, "I don't mix flavors."
That's right.
Goodbye Mister Smooth Pants.


  1. AHAHAH!!! Jenn! You are amazing!! I'm so glad you're not the kind of girl to just take that crap! What a loser!
    You're seriously incredible!

  2. OH man! I know this story!!! WHAT AN IDIOT!! haha sorry to be harsh, but the whole bit about now wanting to set bad standards for when he is married that is just... just LUSH! haha LOVE IT KEEP THEM COMING YOU GORGEOUS GIRL!

  3. Idk, this guy may be the worst of them all simply because I know who he is and I know that face you're talking about that he gave you hahaha

  4. gooooodness! that made me sit uncomfortably in my chair as i was reading it! poor poor boy! he'll never learn! love you baby!!

  5. K so this is really cute! I love your writing, I didn't know you had a blog, so fun! you are adorable, just love everything I've read on your blog!