Sunday, July 25, 2010

3 days to Engaged? nuh uh

So once upon a time I was 18. I know. Hard to believe? Because maturity just seeps out of my wise soul? haha.
And when I was 18 it was Time to move into the singles ward. You know...the infamous ward where you step foot and NEVER return? Well, I was secretly terrified of that ward. I was terrified of being among 'adults' and not fitting in. Of being the new girl. But mostly...I was terrified of the men. That's right. The RM's to be specific. I was terrified they would find me and force me into marriage somehow and I WAS NOT ready.

Well. Nightmares do come true.

I had been attending this church group (for those who read this and are not LDS, wards are different congregations of meeting, and a singles ward is a place specifically for young adult singles who are LDS.) for about three months. It was summer. Romance was hot and steamy in the air. At least as hot as Mormon's get, right? And this guy who we shall call Freddy had latched onto me. Freddy was a cute, nice, passionate guy who prided himself on his intellect and spirituality. Well, my parents left out of town for a week and Freddy started coming over to my house.

Day one. Not so bad. We talked and hung out, made popcorn and he helped me bbsit. Harmlessly domestic.

Day two. We talk some more, he says he wants to take me on a date. Sure, I say. What harm can ONE date do?

Day three. He takes me on a date up the canyon. Yes...the canyon, which can either be hopelessly romantic or dreadfully creepy. At first it was hopelessly romantic. Until he pulled over and said, "I've been thinking alot about this. And I think we need to get married. God is telling me we should."

UMMMMM....RUN! RUN! RUN!!!! I mean, we had only known each other THREE days!!???

When I coyly recoiled into my seat, he asked. "What do you think about that?"

"I think I want to go home."

"About getting married?"

"I think I want to go home." I said. I was blatantly terrified. I had never kissed anyone at that point, and suddenly being helplessly alone in the mountains with some dude who wanted to make me his forever had me convulsing...not just fear. Revulsion. My worst nightmare had come true.

Eventually he drove me back. And eventually, I convinced him that no matter WHAT he said, I was not going to marry him.

Funniest part of the story? A month later I am working at a bridal shop. It was a quick two week stint I did. A girl comes in and I help her with a dress. Who walks in to pick her up? THE GUY! Freddy. They had just gotten engaged.

Wow. Someone just wanted to get married. So glad I didn't turn out to be just the face and body he took down the aisle.